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Reverse engineering
Spare Parts

Energetic NV is able to engineer replacement parts for turbines, turbomachinery & strategic rotating equipment  in a short timeframe. We understand the needs of our customers and the impact of prolonged shutdown of critical machinery. Where OEM's often lack flexibility for fast delivery we make it our mission to get equipment running with quality parts in the shortest possible timeframe.

Spare Parts Page By using advanced scanning and measuring equipment dimensions of even complex parts can be recorded and transformed in a 3D CAD model by using state of the art design software. Metalurgical testing and analyzes by spectrometry provides the mechanical properties required for alloy selection.

Upgrades of design and used alloys are often adviced, new manufacturing possibilities and alloys remove some of the limitations design engineers had in the past.

During a trouble shoot action we are often asked to solve rotor vibrations. Solutions are supported by our engineering service that compares rotor dynamic calculations & simulations in order to determine the vibrations of solutions in advance. We also have the possibility to calculate hydrostatic and hydrodynamic bearings to modify existing designs in function of a solution.

Energetic NV has no association or contractual relations with any original equipment manufacturer.